Updated: May 28, 2021


Cassette worked with change management agency Daggerwing to develop an internal communications platform for Takeda.

Developed on Cassette’s product Virtual View the immersive site communicates key values and the company philosophy to 50,000+ employees globally.

Takeda are passionate about their company culture and have embodied their corporate philosophy in the Hirameki: Garden of Inspiration. The garden is a space inspired by the Takeda Garden for Medicinal Plant Conservation in Kyoto, Japan, with each area representing an aspect of their philosophy, such as the Japanese cherry blossom tree which represents their proud history and heritage.

With Takeda’s acquisition of Shire in 2019 there was a need for updating the garden and developing the tool further to help communicate the company culture to all employees.

Taking inspiration from the existing Hirameki garden and in close collaboration with Daggerwing and Takeda, Cassette modelled an updated 3D environment along with bespoke animated characters. Using Cassette’s in-house platform Virtual View the environment was brought to life as an interactive web experience, accessed by employees through the internal intranet portal.

Upon visiting the page guests navigate throug the virtual 3D environment in a similar fashion to a computer game, visiting areas of the garden and selecting information points to learn key facts about Takeda’s corporate philosophy.