This page is for participants of the Cavalry Mental Health Pilot Only


1. Put the phone in 'wifi hotspot' mode If you already know how to use an android phone as a wifi hotspot, just do that. Make sure you know what the password is. If you are not familiar with this, it is probably best to google it for your phone model. Using the phone as a hotspot enables us to connect directly to the phone with the Quest without relying on an external router. It also lets the Quest easily find the server running on the phone. 
Running the HeartRateGetter app on the fitbit

1. Put the Fitbit Smartwatch on. Open the apps menu (swipe from right to left on the home screen) and swipe from right to left until you see the Cavalry app you installed. This is most likely on the far right. Run the app by tapping it. You should see a light blue screen with some text. The screen will go to sleep quickly but this does not matter. Just ensure that the app is running during the experience. You can verify that it's running by waking up the screen (tapping it usually does the trick). You should see the same blue screen with the text. 
Running the CavalryNativeServer app on the phone


1. Just tap the app to run it. That should be all you need to do. It will display the connection status of the other devices. 
Running the Quest app 1. Put on the Quest. Connect to your phone's hotspot. To do this, open the Quest home menu. Select the settings sub-menu (the gear icon on the bottom right). Select “quick actions” and then “Wifi”. Scroll down (with the joystick) until you see your phone's hotspot and connect to it. You will be prompted for the password. 2. Open the apps menu (nine squares icon). Make sure Unknown Sources is selected in the top right dropdown menu. Select “Cavalry”. The app should open after a short pause. 3. You should first be prompted to enter your resting heart rate. Then select a character. Then the game will start. You pick up the bridge pieces with the trigger button, move them to where you think the correct location is and let go by releasing the trigger button. If you were sufficiently accurate, the piece will lock into place. Once the bridge is completed the 
character will start to walk across the bridge. If the character gets to the other side, you get a point and the bridge and character reset. The objective is to complete as many bridges as possible in 10 minutes. If your heart rate goes above your resting heart rate + 12, the bridge collapses and you have to start over. You cannot place pieces while your heart rate is above this level. The + 12 is fairly arbitrary. No doubt we will want to configure this in response to testing. 




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